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Have you ever wondered how to get into the world of Social Media Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns?

We know how challenging it can be for businesses to increase new visitors to their website, and to get existing visitors to keep returning.

We also understand the importance of spreading the word to a large audience about products, services, and promotions.

There is a way to advertise your company, products or services directly to your specific target audience.

Social Media Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns do exactly that.

You can target individual products or services or your business as a whole to a specific group of people.

We can create an advert that will be shown to a very specific target group….those people who are looking for what you are offering.

You can advertise for free for as long as you want at a set budget for clicks (not impressions). You are not charged for how many times the advert is displayed, only for the number of clicks that it receives. This means that many people will see your advert for free as there are no costs for impressions only clicks.

Why Social Media PPC might be right for you

You can target your business to a specific audience in a far deeper way than other PPC methods.

Social Media platforms gather a lot of information about their users! Such as age, marital status, jobs, hobbies, locations etc.

By placing ads on these platforms, that information is used by those Social Media platforms to show your Advert to specific groups of people.

What we can do for you

We can create bespoke tailor-made marketing campaigns that target your specific target audience within a budget that works for you. We can do this for individual products, services, promotions and your entire business. There is no limit to the different number of simultaneous parallel adverts you can run.


Pricing for this service is based on fixed price quote which we will send to you after an initial consultation where we discuss your business, needs and budget.

Are you looking for a new website or wanting to update your existing one?

We have created many unique websites in all shapes and sizes. We can help your create your new website. If you are looking update your existing website by adding new functionality or additional content we can help with that. Check out out testimonials and contact us for more details.

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