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Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO or Onsite Search Engine Optimisation comprises of many different factors. We use Onsite SEO to lay the foundations for organic search rankings (free search engine rankings). Some SEO techniques you can see such as keywords, but a lot of it is only visible in the backend. Search engines look the information we add to your website in order to determine what your content is about. As a result of this, they determine how relevant your website is to a search and therefore how highly you rank for that search.

Page Speed Optimisation

Recent updates to Googles Search Engine Ranking algorithm, Page Speed Optimisation is now a key roll into how well your pages rank. Google is now focusing on customer experience now more than ever. Google uses page speed as a deciding factor in ranking. If a page takes a long time to load that the viewer isn’t having a good experience. Google sees it as a negative on their own reputation if they give the searcher a poor result due to page load speed. We analyse your website and make appropriate suggestions and changes to speed up your website and therefore help it to rank higher.

Information Architecture

Information architecture encompasses user menus, how information is displayed and URL structure. It is basically the foundation of a website to be built on. It is one of the core components of UX (User Experience). It’s the key to having a successful website, but is often overlooked or not done correctly. Information architecture allows visitors to clearly view your website content and navigate easily through it by using obvious pathways. The pathways include menus, menu structure, the written content itself, images with links and break away menus (side menus). With regards to SEO having correct architecture is imperative. Google looks at how easy it is to navigate in order to rank your site.

SEO Audit

Have you ever thought how your business would be if you could beat your competitors Google, Yahoo and Bing? It can be the difference between having a successful online business or be a bust.

We’re here to help you!

We spend a lot of time keeping up to date with the changes that major search engines are implementing. Here at Example Designs we take a proactive approach to updates because they are always changing! We see the importance of having a strong Search Engine Optimisation plan for your website as there is no point having a website if no one can find it!

Our SEO audits take a deep dive into how your website is currently performing and how it can be improved.

Are you looking for a new website or wanting to update your existing one?

We have created many unique websites in all shapes and sizes. We can help your create your new website. If you are looking update your existing website by adding new functionality or additional content we can help with that. Check out out testimonials and contact us for more details.

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